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January 13 2017

Wedding Bells Will Ring: Bridal Wear In Gastown

There is a strong connection between Gastown and weddings.

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The picturesque neighbourhood attracts so many photographers with happy brides and grooms, fiancés and lovers, star-crossed unions of all shapes and sizes, one could imagine our little district to be more than just a backdrop. It is a place where commitments are made and where age old buildings bear witness to the pairing of best friends for a lifetime. It is also a fantastic place to buy a bridal gown. Here are three fine Gastown boutiques and their owners, who are as passionate as you are your upcoming wedding day.



Gastown is home to one of most creative, daring and innovative wedding gown designers in North America. Truvelle, led by owner and designer, Gaby Bayona creates custom gowns that are like soft dreams that have become real, as if a midsummer night from a fairytale crossed over into our world and was made manifest.

The young creative grew up in New Westminster, learning the art of the business from her mother. The Bayona’s ran a successful wedding gown shop in the city’s ‘Bridal Row’.

Gaby is adamant about creating dresses that are beautiful and she’s willing to take the time necessary to craft her unique pieces.

“It is a dying art in terms of anything you are making with your hands such as wares made by cobblers or seamstresses. We are moving towards fast fashion. It’s very easy to get something made overseas. In the custom dress world, there are people doing it but they are few and far between as it’s difficult to acquire the skill required to make wedding dresses. I have been very fortunate. My mother designs wedding gowns and I grew up in the industry and learned everything from her. I am blessed to know how to create gowns, to make the patterns and to design every aspect from the beginning. There are a few other custom dressmakers around but for the indie bridal scene, Truvelle has the largest global reach. We are pretty excited to have achieved this growth after just three years”.

Truvelle is located at 235 Cambie Street in Gastown. Their 2017 Wedding Gown Collection is appropriately named after streets here in the neighbourhood; Abbott, Carrall, Cambie, Cordova and so on. They have also begun a line in alternative social attire. Formal clothing that is versatile and can be worn many times beyond the special day.

Rituals of Love

Recently opened on 309 West Cordova, Rituals of Love Bridal brings a refreshing approach on bridal wear to the Lower Mainland.

Curator and owner Samantha Hallaran, launched the appointment only boutique in 2016 with her husband. Originally from Vancouver, Samantha spent many years in San Francisco. While there, she worked intimately with countless brides, gaining a wealth of experience in the wedding gown industry. Last year, Samantha made the move back home to Vancouver to bring a new bridal experience and esthetic to the West Coast bride.

Rituals of Love carries high-end designers including Bo & Luca, Unbridled by Dan-Jones, &For Love, Something Blue and Theia Couture.


Jason Matlo Atelier

Gastown fashion designer, Jason Matlo, is largely inspired by stunning golden age fashion aesthetics from the 1930’s.

His bridal gown collection is painstakingly crafted and finished to the highest standards. His style is classic and simple, yet sophisticated and beautiful. The cuts are quite feminine and handsome. Jason creates a wide range of gowns, each special and exceptionally memorable. Jason Matlo Atelier is located at 511 – 55 Water Street.