Oscar “O Peezy” Pinder 


Terrier, Chihuahua, Schnauzer 


5, and in my prime! What were you doing at 5?

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I work with a dynamic combination of professionals called the Burst! Creative Group. Our kennel consists of Marketers, Designers, and Developers, all of which don’t carry the “ruff” ness that I do, but hold the same values of producing quality work while offering superior customer service.

Our expertise lies in Branding, Web Design, and Print Communications, which if you’re holding on to your leash correctly, will classify us as your one stop design shop! Our portfolio is quite diverse, and ranges from full-scale entrepreneurial activations and custom websites, to Tradeshow Displays and Annual Reports, with a hefty sprinkle of everything in between. Our fence is always open, and we welcome anyone to come down to the office for a bark and a biscuit. We want to get to know you!

We also love taking working to our local Gastown establishments, and have just completed the new Steamworks web and mobile sites, as well as the soon to be launched Terracotta Modern Chinese websites. Both of these sites have earned me unlimited Doggy Bags for my efforts, and enough belly rubs to cure the stress of the fussiest of pooches.

Take a quick look at some of the work our website , and see how we might be able to help you. The proof is in the Purina! 

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Well they don’t call me “O Peezy” for nothing! One shake of this money-maker brings all the ladies to the yard, and has the fellas wanting the inside scoop. My exotic background allows me to communicate with a wide range breeds, and I have just learned how to speak Poodle! I guess you can say I’m a seasoned park traveler, but we’ll get into that another time.

When I’m not chatting up a storm in my three piece, I can be seen frequenting the Gastown streets, catching rays, or taking a nap with my trusty orange blanket. Don’t be shy, come by and say hello. All I ask is to keep the autographs and photos to a minimal, as TMZ has been “hounding” me the last 2 weeks, so my paws are killing me 😉

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Burst Creative Group

#20 – 211 Columbia Street

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

V6A 2R5

Tel. 604.662.8778

Fax. 604.662.8778

Toll-free. 1.888.962.8778