Live & Work

October 13 2012


John Fluevog with Peanut & Lola.

Lately, it’s become a known fact that dogs at the office are nothing but a good thing. They make for a positive atmosphere, lower stress levels, spark and energize conversations, and are condusive to creativity and job fulfillment. Not a bad line-up of pros. Gastown is a dog-loving neighbourhood, and you would be surprised at how many four-legged friends are an essential part of our burgeoning businesses. Let’s begin our new series with a true Gastown original: John Fluevog Shoes!  

NAME: Kristin & Peanut

BREED: French Bulldog

AGE: Almost 5

POSITION: Graphic Designer for the Marketing Department at John Fluevog Shoes

WHAT I DO: Peanut is a total clown — I’m lucky that everybody else seems to think she’s as funny as I do! She reminds me to take a break once in a while, even it’s to tear my gaze away from the monitor to throw the ball or step outside for a quick breath of fresh air. Being able to bring her in to work is a huge benefit and definitely a stress reliever, not just for me, but for the other dog lovers in the office too.     


NAME: Gregory & Lola

BREED: English Bulldog

AGE: 6 years old

POSITION: Marketing & Communications Coordinator

WHAT I DO: Part of the Marketing Team that oversees Fluevog’s Social Media, Webstore, Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing. We have two bulldog mascots in the Marketing Team (Lola and Peanut) that make sure we take the occasional stress break to enjoy a walk in lovely Gastown, or play ball amongst many shoe samples that are scattered throughout Fluevog’s Design Office. Thankfully, neither Peanut or Lola are shoe-chewers!


Gregory & Lola