Art Social: Subjective Reality – Gastown

March 22 2019

Art Social: Subjective Reality

Immerse yourself into an evening of art and discover local Vancouver artists all while enjoying a drink at our cash bar and exploring our tattoo studio turned art gallery. #LATArtSocial

Our current artist showcase features works from 17 different artists (listed below) in a collaborative showcase based on the theme: “Subjective Reality”.

Perception is filtered by individual experiences. We invited artists to explore how one person’s reality may differ from others, due to their subjective experiences. What is real for you, may not be real for someone else. How is your reality subjective?

**Original and framed artwork available for sale!**
Limited prints available for purchase only at Art Social events.

The Art Social is a FREE ongoing monthly event.
7-9pm on the last Friday of every month.
Hosted at Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective located in Gastown Vancouver at 62 Powell Street.

Featured Artists: Alison Vogelaar/Amanda Bullick/Glenda Leznoff/Gustavo Chams/Ida Hay/Jasmine Sanchez-Ziller
John Wang/Kathryn McPhee/Kemo Schedlosky/Megan Majewski/Natalie Smyth/Natasha Broad/Nur Shojai/Sandrine Pelissier
Stewart Hughes/Vincent Lecerf/Winson Chiu