Chance Hayden & Andy Coe Guitar Show – Gastown

March 4 2019

Chance Hayden & Andy Coe Guitar Show

Doors 7pm/Show 9:30pm

Chance Hayden and Andy Coe, two front running string slingers of the pacific northwest, join forces with an electric guitar band showcasing the depths of their talent and mutual admiration. For over a decade both players have made vast imprints within their respective cities of Portland and Seattle as avid sidemen embracing everything from jazz, blues and funk to reggae, psychedelic rock and jam bands. Their individual projects as leaders have further displayed a chameleon-like musicality, through their fluid guitar work and eclectic compositions, which they’ll expound together. Completing the unit are bassist Damian Erskine and drummer Tarik Abouzied who have become a well-oiled machine as the rhythm section behind Skerik, Happy Orchestra and Paul Creighton Project. Don’t miss this special collaboration between some of the region’s most highly esteemed musicians.