April 3 2018

Early Show: Calle Verde/MNGWA – As part of the World Music Festival

Doors 7pm/Show 7:30pm
Admission $15

Calle Verde:

Calle Verde has been performing together since 2012, but the history of the group’s members goes back much further. Peter Mole is an accomplished guitarist in the Vancouver flamenco scene, well-known for his impeccable technique and melodic imagination. He started working with Michelle Harding (dancer) in the mid-2000s and her dynamic energy and rapid-fire footwork have made her a local favourite.


We need a party band for the strange new world. Rooted in the Afro-Latin soul of cumbia, MNGWA [pronounced ming-wah] blends elements of psych rock, surf, salsa, reggae, and hip hop into their polyrhythmic pot // Forever shifting but never dropping the groove.