Early Show: Jesse and Noelle Burch – Gastown

July 5 2019

Early Show: Jesse and Noelle Burch

The Promised is a folk/rock/country/roots duo consisting of Jesse and Noelle Burch. In May of 2018, they met and started writing music together. Within a month they had written a whole albums worth of material and it became clear that musically, they were better together. Spending most of their time together writing for the next 4 months created an interesting dynamic, and in September of 2018, they were married. Even though they are new band on the scene things are moving forward at a fast pace. Their first single “Dangerous” was quickly added to radio upon its release, and they were named 1st place winners in the 2019 Breakthrough Country music project out of the top 12 competing bands and over twice as many entries. With tight harmonies and a powerful sound, their music captures you within it’s story. Their chemistry on and off stage is undeniable and their energy will keep you wanting more.