Early Show: Zach Kleisinger – Gastown

January 7 2019

Early Show: Zach Kleisinger

Doors 7pm/Show 8pm

There is a distinct vulnerability in singer-songwriter Zach Kleisinger’s music. With a voice that is deep, slow, and soaked in sorrow, he reflects on the human condition with stories that chronicle everyday moments. The characters in his songs are crushed by broken relationships, financial problems, failing careers, and are oftentimes unable to understand their own anguish. They are possessed by love and introspection, by their passions and aspirations; but are seldom guilty of refusing their own failures and flaws. These characters exist in a world of sweeping melodies that are stripped-down and minimal; leaving those who live there with an underlying hope and yearning for the future. Zach Kleisinger’s songs will sink into deeper places within while reminding us of the brevity of our time on this earth.