#GastownThursdayNights – Gastown

June 7 2019


Remember when you got all dressed up like your favourite superhero, or a witch, or in a bunch of cardboard boxes loosely covered in tinfoil and called it a “robot”?

#GastownThursdayNights is kinda like that. It’s like trick or treat but for adults.

On the last Thursday night of each summer month (June, July, August), many Gastown stores will have surprises beyond their doors – deals, sales, promos, and in-store events like a live art creation, pop-up tattoo artist, Thai dance class, Dj’s, 5 cent popcorn, a Western music crooner, and the list goes on and on.

We’ll have a different roaming band each night, creating the soundtrack to your experience. Our restaurants will be down to make your night special – look for extended happy hours, specials, and other fancy happenings.

Why just shop when you can make magic happen before the weekend even arrives?

It’s #GastownThursdayNights.
Because Thursday is the new Saturday.

Oh yeah…and if you do want to wear a costume, have at ‘er.
There’s a selfie contest on our instagram each night with a $300 Gastown gift card up for grabs! More to follow.