GroundUp feat. Na Rai Dawn – Gastown

September 18 2019

GroundUp feat. Na Rai Dawn

Doors 7pm/Show 9:30pm

Continually, eternally, the sun is both sunrise and sunset at every moment of existence. Infinitesimally, ephemerally, the skyward dancer neither rises nor falls at the zenith of motion. The painter becomes the brush. The archer becomes the arrow. The lines curve and the vibrations sound.

Please join NaRai Dawn, Max Zipursky, Chris Couto, Adam Cormier, Gavin Youngash, and Derek DiFilippo for a night of infinitesimal and eternal musical moments in support of all skyward dancers, aspiring curves, and vibrations wishing to be heard.

As always, we have the fabulous DJ Dule spinning all night and all proceeds from the door will be donated in support of The Bavubuka Foundation.