Leonard and the Lab Rats – Live on The 2nd Floor – Gastown

September 27 2019

Leonard and the Lab Rats – Live on The 2nd Floor

Leonard and the Lab Rats is Vancouver’s biggest little blues and band, a compact trio with a expansive sound enabled by an idiosyncratic approach to both instrumentation and technique, and featuring three distinctive singers. With “Huggybear” Leonard Huggard (harmonica, vocals, multiple instruments), Dave Dykhuizen (guitar, vocals), and Martin Eade (drums, vocals).

Up the staircase The 2nd Floor is a separate venue space than the main dining area at the Water St. Cafe. While enjoying the full menu from Chef and owner Alan Tse you can now enjoy the ambience of live music.

For each guest that joins us a $5 per set Support Live Music contribution will be collected and given to the artists performing that evening for each set enjoyed by the guest.
Reservations: When making your reservation please let the team know you are joining us for the live Jazz so we can make sure to save you a seat.