Milky River – Gastown

October 9 2018

Milky River

Doors 7pm/Show 10pm

Way down deep in the depths of the Milky Canyon, beyond the jagged cliffs and the rickety shores, flows the mighty Milky River. When the rock n’ roll lakes dried up, and the soul streams flowed no more, it was Milky River who brought life back to these barren and featureless wastelands. Featuring members of noted Vancouver roots/rock band The Matinee, as well as members of Juno award winning country artist Dallas Smith’s band (plus many other special guests). Blending elements of rock, soul, classic country, folk, funk and bluegrass, Milky River are poised to leave their mark on all in attendance. Careful, flood warnings are in effect – and the Milky River flow cannot be dammed.