Ryley & Kaylar/Wyper & Parker – Gastown

January 1 2020

Ryley & Kaylar/Wyper & Parker

Early Show: Ryley & Kaylar

Doors 7pm
Show 8pm

With nearly a decade of playing experience together, Ryley & Kaylar have become one of Vancouver’s most prominent young power duos. The contemporary guitar and saxophone duo delight in throwing jazz, RnB, funk, and soul into the blender and turning it on to max. The result? An intimate and relaxing reimagining of stripped down classics from across the ages.


Doors 9pm
Show 9:30pm

Step inside their world, stand in front of the kick drum, close your eyes and feel the energy, heart and soul of a sweaty rock band giving you everything they’ve got. A danceable, driving rhythm section, wailing bluesy guitars, and a singer who sounds like Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker’s secret lovechild. Now open your eyes in shock and excitement to see it’s all coming from a Wyper & Parker.