May 31 2019

Seafood Sessions: Pacific Halibut with Robert Kirstiuk of Coastline Market

Founded in 2016, Coastline Market is an online seafood marketplace that serves as a means to connect fishers, harvesters, and aquaculture farms directly to restaurants and retail buyers around the world to reduce the amount of hands that it passes through before it makes it to the end consumer. Coastline Market was established with the aim to increase quality and transparency in the seafood that reaches our tables.

Robert Kirstiuk, Co-Founder/CEO of Coastline Market and recipient of the Forbes 30 under 30, will be showcasing one of the many products that they work with-the Pacific Halibut. Halibut thrive in our native B.C. waters, particularly near the misty islands of Haida Gwaii. They are known for their peculiar appearance and their impressive camouflage skills that hide them from predators and prey. This Ocean Wise recommended fish is highly regarded and coveted because of it’s delicate, sweet flavour, snow-white colour, and firm flaky meat. Halibut is predominantly caught using bottom lines and the commercial halibut fishery is quite selective in the fish it catches.

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