Teon Gibbs – Gastown

April 1 2019

Teon Gibbs

Doors 9pm/Show 9:30pm

Teon Gibbs is a Spotify curated Hip-Hop and RnB act based out of Vancouver, blending soul and vocal samples over dark nocturnal 808 driven production. His project entitled ‘These Are The Times’ has garnered almost 150,000 streams on Spotify and appealed to so many people because it has very modern style production with more lyrical substance that was offered to the listener. Since this release, Teon has focused on collaborating with artists throughout BC to build his network and engagement within the community. In October 2018, we are to expect a new release from Teon called ‘The Rose Tape’ which will explore the pitfalls and dynamics of relationships and how it has manifested into the way we interact with others.