The Pumps – Gastown

May 24 2019

The Pumps

The Pumps are a gypsy jazz inspired band formed in early 2017. Based in Vancouver, BC, the founding members are Callum Paterson on guitar and vocals, Forest Borch on violin, Hamish Nicholson on guitar, and Tim Mathias on bass. The name is derived from the signature strumming style of gypsy jazz known as “le pompe”, that gives this music its distinctive swing.

Gypsy jazz, pioneered by artists like Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli in the 1930’s, comprises of a mixture of gypsy music and jazz, as the name implies. The Pumps take this sound as a basis for their groove and mix in influences from Nat King Cole to Ween. The string quartet are breaking ground in restaurants, cafes and bars around Vancouver with their original songs and sounds. Find their next show on their website or facebook page; come and check them out!