Tiny Havoc – Gastown

December 11 2017

Tiny Havoc


Doors 7pm/Show 930pm

The members of Tiny Havoc – a name endearingly inspired by little children who run wild/a common thread that binds members of band – formed in early 2015 by colleagues and friends Toga D’Hoore (bass & keys), Arthur Smith (guitar) and Shadi Toloui-Wallace (vocals). The band was soon joined by James Higgins (drums) and Justin Gorrie (horns & keys).
Holding international roots, the band and its members currently reside in Vancouver, B.C where they write and record their original material. Tiny Havoc has a sound unlike anything else, casting a wide net that spans across hip hop beats, Motown funk melodies and jazz soul vocals. They don’t plan to take over the world, but they will take over one tiny heart at a time.