Turunesh/The Harmonic Cosmonauts – Gastown

January 1 2020

Turunesh/The Harmonic Cosmonauts

Early Show: Turunesh

Doors 7pm
Show 8pm

Turunesh is a Neo Afro soul singer-songwriter of Tanzanian & Ethiopian origin. Having grown up in Tanzania whose East African roots dictated the creation and development of her alternative style of music. She has 2 self titled EP’s (2016 & 2018), 4 singles(2018 – 2019), and a debut album ‘Coastal Cider’ (2019) that merge sounds and languages from Eastern & Western Africa as well as Neo Soul & Rnb influences. The 21 year old’s freestyle approach to her song making stems from growing up listening to old school Afro Jazz and Blues.

Turunesh’s on stage personality is that of a comfortable performer that feels the most at home during a performance. When she sings she showcases monumental control and intuition as well as a strong connection with the audience. Turunesh’s voice transcends expectations and sings in a manner that hopes to guide her listeners through her music & stories. Her blending of languages such as Kiswahili and English as well as her fusion of genres makes it easy to lose oneself and encourages you to feel the music in a way that is transportive.

The Harmonic Cosmonauts

Doors 7pm
Show 9:30pm

The Harmonic Cosmonauts: A Five Piece Jam Band with Roots in Blues, Funk, Jazz, and Classic Rock. Improvisation and Groove to Make You Move!