June 22 2019

Vancouver Jazz Fest. Presents – Jonny Tobin/Potatohead People w/Niña Mendoza

Doors 7pm
Show 9:30pm

Jonny bio:
“Jonny Tobin is a Vancouver-based keys player. Known for a huge, soulful sound and a playful energy on the keys, his music has caught the attention of listeners and fellow artists alike across North America and Europe.

Jonny’s debut album “Psychedelicate”, will be released in mid-2019. It’s a self-produced instrumental project inspired by the sounds and feelings of hip-hop, electronic music, jazz, Saturday morning cartoon/cereal combos, pixelated 90’s video games, and driving through the streets at 3AM. It’s familiar yet futuristic – providing a nostalgic sense of deja vu while crafting a forward-thinking and trippy sound.”