ZERO X ZERO – Gastown

May 17 2019


ZERO X ZERO features the works of artist Dave Righton.

Art Social is a monthly open house event bringing together artists and art lovers alike into the same space to enjoy refreshments, chat art and connect. #LATArtSocial

This Art Social will also be a WINE TASTING!
**Italian wines & olive oil**
Sponsored by Roberto Nicolli :

Leave your mark on our Art Board! Paint – Pens – Paper

Every Art Social features a local Vancouver artist currently on display on the walls of Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective, a tattoo studio turned art gallery.

Immerse yourself into an evening of art and shop for prints, originals & merchandise all while enjoying a drink at our cash bar.

– From the Artist: Dave Righton
“It fascinates and intrigues me that you can have a blank canvas in front of you, or a ball of clay, or silence in the air, in one moment, and short while later have a work of art or a new piece of music, that no one has ever seen or heard before, in front of you. It’s a very simple concept, but it keeps me driven to continue creating things that weren’t there moments ago. Whether the subject of my art is animals, people or objects I enjoy the challenge of creating something visually interesting and dynamic through use of bright colours, geometric shapes and multi layering techniques. Often containing graphic design elements and themes of nature mixed with modern daily life, I try to give the viewers a little bit of familiarity with enough layers and clues to keep them engaged and discovering new elements the longer they look.”

The Art Social is a FREE ongoing monthly event.
7-9pm on the last Friday of every month.

Part of the #GastownCrawl.
Bringing the Gastown community together to give you an event filled night in the neighbourhood.