Finally! We can say it with a resounding YES! The sun is here!

It’s been awhile but the fine weather has arrived and with it our wonderful selection of Patios!

Gastown was made for dining out and with the lazy, hazy summer breeze that’s blowing through the neighbourhood right now, a patio is the place to be.

The selection of different cuisines, styles and innovations confirms how diverse the Gastown restaurant scene is. We cater to all tastes and with so many options available, this is truly a foodie’s paradise. Each part of the neighbourhood has it’s own unique “flavour” of ambiance and atmosphere.

We invite you to relax at one of your favourite haunts or go further throughout Gastown and explore new little outdoor worlds of happiness and harmony.

Most noticeable is the lively patio down at Chill Winston’s – one of the biggest in Gastown. Chill uses vegetables from their own farm plot in Tsawwassen, alternative proteins & organic wild meats and sustainable ocean fare. This spot gets busy on most nights and is a perfect place to have lunch, sip wine or kick off the weekend on a Friday night. It almost feels like being in Europe and the vibe on this patio is fantastic.

Just across the road on Powell, you’ll find Bao Down complete with a little street side “en plein air” for you to hang out in and mow down on their delicious blends of mouth-watering flavours and spices of the Orient with fresh vegetables and proteins of the Pacific Northwest.

Tacofino is quite possibly one of Gastown’s most loved Mexican restaurants. Entering via the Burrito Bar on Cordova Street is only the beginning as you make your way through the lively communal themed dining room and beyond to the back door patio (also accessed via Blood Alley). This outdoor space is really nice and creates a feeling of being at your best friends house garden party! Awesome fresh Mexican cuisine – tacos, burritos, churros, Margarita’s – Oh mi!

Bauhaus has an intimate outdoor setting with a few nice tables on Carrall Street. This is modern German cuisine served impeccably. Their wine list is extensive and the food here is top notch.

Vera’s Burgers has more selection and varieties between two buns than anyone else. There are almost 20 different burger varieties to choose from and their patio looks out to Carrall with a nice view of Maple Tree Square.

Six Acres is a popular spot even on a rainy day. With their patio now open, this Western themed pub just got awesomer! They specialize in craft beers and the patio is classic with its coloured vintage bulb lights.

Just round the corner, resides Peckinpah – the neighbourhood’s finest Southern BBQ joint. Their patio is half of Six Acres so there’s plenty to opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

The Blarney Stone – Vancouver’s longest running Irish Pub – pours a lovely pint of Guinness and hosts live music every weekend. The patio looks onto Carrall Street and gets a good amount of sun.

Walk through the open arch of the Water Street Garage Building and you’ll find Meet Restaurant. Meet is a fully vegetarian restaurant serving delicious comfort food like corn fritters, chilli cheez fries and a loaded double bacon – double cheez burger. The patio is located right in the atrium and gets some nice dappled sunlight.

Abbott Street is home to a number of fine patios. Both The Lamplighter Pub and Jules Bistro allow guests to nestle in comfortably amidst a canopy of swaying trees, glowing fairy lights and abundant umbrellas. Lamplighter serves excellent pub fare and cocktails ad Jules is known for their authentic French cuisine.

There are a few ‘pigs’ in Gastown – The Flying Pig and The Greedy Pig. Both patios are street side and while small, they offer wonderful people watching opportunities.

There’s a big patio at The Spaghetti Factory on Water Street. The serving portions are also sizable and there’s a completely separate menu dedicated to gluten free options.

Check out 131 Water Street for their street side patio. Choose a fun board game from their mountainous stack of over 100 and play and eat till late!

The Water Street Cafe is iconic. It is as much Gastown as the Steamclock. Their patio is situated both on Cambie and Water and service here is as exceptional as the quality and plating of the food.

Smartmouth Café just nearby serves smooth coffee and made to order sandwiches with the option to take it out on the street and soak up some rays while sitting at their vintage tables and chairs.

Steamworks brews their own craft beer using, you guessed it, steam! Their patio has views to the North Shore Mountains and it’s also sheltered to allow for uninterrupted outdoor feasting and drinking.

The Cambie Pub is often lively and best enjoyed with a large group of friends. The patio has enough space for everyone and seems to be open in fair weather or foul, pretty much all year round.

Bambo Café is a Gastown favourite that has been serving the neighbourhood for quite a while. On a clear day you work on your tan as the cafe is south facing and just gets drenched in hot sunlight. A European styled eatery with round tables along the sidewalk – perfect to sit and write, read or just be.

Brioche is also very European and they make everything fresh and in house. Sit street side and soak up some rays while enjoying an espresso and a croissant.

Look for the original Woodwards ‘W’ and you’ll find the patio at The Charles Bar. Nestled in at the foot of the towering Woodward’s Building, The Charles Bar is the perfect place to watch the game and enjoy some quality patio time with friends.

So yeah – we have patios all right. LOTS of patios. And there are a ton of them open right now. Gastown is the place to be today and all weekend long. The food and drink is excellent down here, the people; fine and friendly and the beautiful sun….. well it’s is truly here to stay!