Happy 40th Birthday Salmagundi West! – Gastown

October 25 2013

Happy 40th Birthday Salmagundi West!

It’s easy for anyone to spend an entire day at Salmagundi. You’ll find yourself exploring every corner of the shop, discovering 1940’s Dee & Cee toy dolls, a hand painted buffalo skull, a typewriter from the 1900s, and miniature cameras from Occupied Japan, to name a few. Downstairs, at Salmagundi’s basement, there are even more surprises, including a large Chinese herbal chest, holding mysterious novelties in every drawer. Guests that ventured downstairs were also treated to peek at Salmagundi’s old Opium cellar.

Needless to say, the Salmagundi-West experience is even more magical and mysterious in the evening
Here’s a couple of quick snapshots from last night’s celebration.




new-salmagundi-west-gastown2 new-salmagundi-west-gastown6

Thank you Salmagundi West for a night of unconventional discoveries and antique-collectible magic. Here’s to another 40 years!

Salmagundi West
321 W. Cordova St.
Tel: 604-681-4648