Movember – Gastown
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November 16 2018

Gastown’s Finest Movember Accessories

  Congratulations, Mighty Men of Mo! You’ve made it to the middle of the month and have courageously avoided the urge to frantically shave off that wild, scraggly soup strainer of yours. Whether raising funds or awareness or both, the cause to cure cancer is most worthy, and we stand wholeheartedly with all who fight …

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October 31 2018

Shave off in Gastown and Grow Your Mo!

  October is awesome. Crispy autumn days filled with sunshine, pumpkins, soup, pie, Thanksgiving and Halloween. November used to be ho-hum. That was until something wonderful happened. Movember. Upper lips are tingling at the very thought of it. Who could have imagined that an archaic form of facial fashion would sprout to unprecedented glory and …

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Shopping & Style

November 20 2015

Gastown's Finest Movember Accessories

If Gastown had a mascot, it would probably be one of those ol’ timey, 1930’s shirtless boxer dudes. 

He’d have that weird dad-bod that’s sort of in shape, but not really in shape. His hair hair would be all slicked with pomade, and he’d probably ride a bicycle with one giant wheel to work. Oh and he’d have a twirled handle bar moustache.  

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