Live & Work

December 14 2015


Buy hip clothes, get a juice. 

Frank & Oak’s stylish, understated and contemporary menswear has always made them an excellent addition to the neighbourhood. Their new location at 316 W Cordova Street is a little different, however, because it features a Krokodile Pear Juice Bar.

The Vancouver-based, Krokodile Pear makes a cold pressed juice that uses all organic, locally sourced ingredients, which sincerely makes me thirsty just to type out.


Get The Latest In Women’s Fashion.

We’ve got two new additions to the neighbourhood to announce this week. 

First, LBV, which could probably be best summed up with a few choice words of “black, white, leather and gold”. It pretty much all looks like high-end fashion for girls who could kick your ass.

Next, The Latest Scoop is a Vancouver-based women’s fashion boutique that imports the latest trends from Los Angeles, New York and, well, the rest of the planet. They’re currently holding their pop-up shop at 159 Water Street.

thisweekofsHave Old Faithful Shop Deliver to You.

Look, normally we want people to actually come down to the neighbourhood. It’s literally the whole reason why we exist.

But, we’ll cut you some slack since it’s cold ‘n flu season and all of us in the office have taken at least one sick day already. Or maybe you’re just out of town, visiting family.

If either’s the case, then you’ll need to get your online orders in to Old Faithful Shop ASAP as their last days to guarantee pre-holiday deliveries are December 15th and December 17th for the United States and Canada respectively. There’s free shipping on orders over $150.

thisweeknicoleExperience Stress Free Shopping @ Nicole Bridger.

One of the big bonuses to shopping in Gastown is that you avoid the quagmire of screaming children, frantic parents and exhausted retail employees.

As if that wasn’t enticement enough, Nicole Bridger is offering customers chair massages, wine and 15% off purchases on Thursday, Dec 17th between 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

thisweeksuitcaseSee Broken Down Suitcase @ Guilt & Co.

I can’t tell you exactly how many indy-folk bands I’ve reviewed in my life, but it’s dozens. After a while, they all start to blend together into a Mumford & Sons / Lumineers mish-mash reduction. 

So trust me when I say that Broken Down Suitcase is worth your time. Sure, they do the folk thing really well, but what sets them apart is their distinctly Americana sound. Eric Larocque & Ben Caldwell seem to be more influenced by Kris Kristofferson than anything post-modern and it’s a refreshingly pure sound.

Show is tonight. 9:30 p.m. @ Guilt & Co. Pay what you can, you good looking so-and-so. 

1470122 409534065842352 171063394 n grandeDrink Coffee and Get Caligraphy Cards @ Kit and Ace 

Our friendly neighbourhood Kit and Ace is hosting the Timbertrain Coffee Roaster pop-up (cue Homer Simpson drool sound) from noon until 4:00pm on Saturday December 19th. Coffee is on the house. For reals. 

The nexy day, Sunday, December 20th Kit and Ace will be hosting Christina Luo from Fox & Flourish, who will be in-shop at their Gastown studio to sign custom calligraphy cards from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00pm. 

Oh, and they’re also offering complimentary valet service starting Friday December 18th, until Sunday December 20th.