Get Your Nails Did.

I’ve always wondered what poor grammar-possessing half-wit popularized that phrase. I mean, I get that it’s supposed to be gramatically inncorrect, as a joke, but hasn’t pop-culture managed to butcher the English language enough in recent years? 

Anyway, on December 11th, The Block is hosting Champagne Friday and the Holiday Nail Bar for Artspeak subscribers, where you’ll be able to get nail designs by Susanna Browne, Kelly Lycan and Erdem Tasdelen. 

SUBSCRIBERS will also be entered to win over $2,000 in prizes from Banquet Atelier & Workshop, Butter London, Inform Interiors, and many more. Getting in is super easy, just subscribe or renew your membership at

thisweekinformExperience Top-Shelf Bathroom Design.

This Wednesday, December 9th, Inform is showcasing their window display by local interior design firm, Falken Reynolds.

The display features their tile collaboration with Interstyle, bathroom fixtures by Agape and lighting by FLOS. Beverages are courtesy of Inform, and you’ll just need to email to ensure entry.

I’m sure there was a bathroom joke in there somewhere but… I don’t know, it’s Monday.

thisweekguiltSee A Burlesque Show.

What should you expect from the Gastown Cabaret at Guilt & Company this Tuesday, December 8th?

Belly dancers. Drag performers. Comedy. Live stunts. Contortionists. Basically you’ll get to feel like you’re in an episode of Boardwalk Empire.

There will also, apparently, be various “audience challenges” throughout the evening, including the famous Donut Eating Competition and Lip Sync Battle.


Shop for 12 Days at A Holiday Pop-up.

Starting Friday December 11 and running until Wednesday Dec 23, The Capilano Christmas Market will be at 221 Abbott St and feature a rotation of innovative local creators including: Amoda Tea, Kunye Skin and Body, Longbranch Flora & Greens, Goliath Coffee, Wize Monkey, WuChild, Wobaby Basics & Feeding Change.  


Go to a Christmas Market, Get Booze and Movies.

On Friday, December 11th, MIA is hosting the VHS Holiday Market, featuring more than 15 vendors selling everything from art, vintage clothing, dream catchers, jewelry, henna. Oh and there’s FREE VHS tapes for the first fifteen people through the door, and they get FREE admission to Sing Sing Fridays at MIA. 

It’s $2 cover at the door, 19+ only.