“Once upon a time, very long ago, a chef awoke from slumber to the smell of rising dough. Enchanted by the fragrance and lured by its force, his nose directed him to the tantalizing source. The Baker’s open window revealed a wondrous sight, fresh baked cookies, buns, and muffins that wafted through the night. Thoughts of flavor combinations danced joyous in his head creating luscious recipes. Thus, it began right then and there, a culinary love affair between The Baker & The Chef.”

Beside the mural is the home of The Baker & The Chef, an urban café meets bakery that caters to locals with a love for homemade culinary. A branch of the Cambie Malones family, the cafe was originally a bed and breakfast, known as Cambie Café. After years of serving guests of the Cambie Hostel, they decided to convert the space into a place for locals to meet and eat – and re-launched in 2012 under the name, The Baker & The Chef.


The café has stayed true to its family-owned roots offering homemade meals made fresh daily from scratch. Its menu offers full-service breakfast and lunch meals including build-your-own omelets, gourmet paninis and open-face sandwiches, house chili and soup, along with fresh pastries and baked bread.

The cafe-style interior has a distinct Gastown aesthetic with vintage fixtures and brick-lined walls decorated with paintings and prints. The Baker & The Chef is also a mini gallery selling local artworks and features a new artist and collection every month.


In the kitchen is where the magic happens. Every morning, Rebecca, the café’s main baker, makes a batch of focaccias, along with flatbread served at other Cambie Malones businesses, and fresh pastries for guests of the Cambie Hostel. Chef Les cooks gourmet dishes from scratch, which include the popular duck chili, spaghetti Bolognese, and veggie or beef lasagna. The culinary love affair extends beyond the cafe – the team also provides custom catering and delivery for citywide events.

So, when the occasion calls for a homey touch, stop by The Baker & The Chef, open Monday to Friday, 7am-6pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 8am-6pm.