What happens when a Bad Ass Women’s Cycling Team and the Wild Shoe Magicians at Fluevog get together for The Annual Gastown Grand Prix?

You get a totally original full team kit designed by an in-house Fluevog artist, an awesome after party on Water Street and a group of passionate gals who plan on rocking the streets of Gastown like never before!

A collaboration like this doesn’t come around all that often and the fabulously floral Crit Nasty Kit is now available to all supporters, fans and moms and dads! If you would like one of the beautiful jerseys, shorts or black/white socks, send the team a message or come find one of them at the race this Wednesday and they will help you out!

We caught up with Jennifer Gerth, one of the Crit Nasty Team members, to get the lowdown on how it all began and how the team is gearing up for this years Grand Prix.

How did the team form and what’s the origin of the name Crit Nasty?

Crit Nasty started in January 2016, so this is our second year as a team. If you’ve ever watched a criterium like the Gastown Grand Prix (GGP), you’ll wonder why there aren’t more teams focused on racing crits. The majority of the teams racing the GGP are road teams, but criteriums are something special. They are fast and exciting and require lots of technical skills. Sarah Coney and myself have really enjoyed racing criteriums and love how there is an exciting connection made with the crowd. We decided to put together a women’s team of criterium specialists with the intention to race. We  came up with the name Crit Nasty as it perfectly reflects what we are about. We’re criterium racers and we are just badass women who love racing our bikes! If you look up the definition of nasty, you will see that it means highly unpleasant or physically nauseating and this is what criteriums can be in a good way and what we wanted to be too!

How did you connect with Fluevog and create a custom Team Kit?

Fluevogs are loved by everyone! I have loved the brand for almost as long as I have been buying shoes and my Instagram handle is @vogsandcogs due to two of my passions! I have stood on the podium wearing Fluevogs and have loved how unique and awesome I felt. One of Fluevog’s slogans is “Unique soles for unique souls” and we knew this would fit perfectly with Crit Nasty. Luckily we convinced them that we would be a perfect team for their sponsorship.

Crit Nasty has always had a unique team kit and we knew that we could maintain our creative spirit with the formation of Fluevog’s Crit Nasty, designed specifically for us. It’s a bold kit inspired around a floral pattern that may be available on some shoes soon.

Feelings about this years race?

We are really excited about this years race. We will have a full team of criterium specialists and we have been racing a lot recently all over North America. Racing for Crit Nasty tomorrow will be: Joanie Caron, Anne Oulette, Sarah Coney, Helena Coney, Rachel Canning and Jennifer Gerth. We have all raced the GGP before and we will be sure to put on a good show!

The Fluevog Crit Nasty Girls are racing in this year’s Gastown Grand Prix on Wednesday, July 12th and you’re invited to their exclusive After Party!

We’re happy to welcome all of the team’s proud supporters (ourselves included) for a celebratory bash with drinks and refreshments at the Fluevog Gastown store from 8:30-10pm. 20% of all shoe sales on the night will support the team and it’ll be your first chance to order our rather fetching Fluevog Crit Nasty floral kits for you and your entire cycling crew!

Space is limited, so please RSVP here: