The neighbourhood is teeming with complex non-alc drink lists. All of the following Gastown bars have a selection of zero proof drinks—and as marked below, many are serving up non-alc beer and wine, too to suit all your needs/wants.

  1. @labattoir_van 🍸️🍺🍷⁠
  2. @meetgastown 🍸️⁠
  3. @waterstcafe 🍸️🍺⁠
  4. @guiltandco 🍸️🍺🍷⁠
  5. @arcanaspiritlounge 🍸️⁠
  6. @tacoboutgringo 🍸️🍺⁠
  7. @tacofinolovesyou 🍸️🍺⁠

    Throughout the month of January, @tacofinolovesyou will contribute $2 from all non-alc beer and mocktail sales to @coastmentalhealth—drinking for a good cause.