Name: Liam Ford

Workplace & Role: The Portside Pub, Bartender & Social Media Guy

Boxing Moniker: I’m hoping for – Liam ‘First on Race Day’ Ford

Favourite Gastown Eatery: The Met

Favourite Gastown retail: Community Thrift & Vintage

What inspired you to sign up for the Restaurant Rumble?

1. To get into better shape. 2. To get that gym rebuilt. 3. To give back to the community.

Any previous boxing experience?

Got to the last level in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Why do you think this event is filled with mostly Gastown restaurant workers?

The service industry has run Gastown ever since Gassy Jack opened up his saloon and gave the ‘hood its name. We’re a hard-working, scrappy bunch, and we’re not afraid to get down and dirty.

Of all the great characters in Gastown, who would you most like to see fight one another?

Battle of the barbers: Rocco “The Outlaw Barber” Bates from Fortknight vs. Dustin “Big Barber D” Grant from Bootleg Barbers.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Killer beach bod. Bragging rights. A sense of having contributed.

What do you think Las Vegas odds makers would say your chances are of winning your bout on July 23rd?

I’m not a gambling man. Whoever trains harder and wants it more.

Would you like to fight the champ to win the belt?

Ask me again in a month…

Liam will be gloving up for the third annual Aprons for Gloves event on July 23rd at the SFU Woodward building. Each boxer must raise $2k to compete and all money raised goes to support boxing programs for at-risk women and youth. Liam has already reached his goal, but there’s no sense in stopping now. Every dollar he raises will go to the cause. Support Liam with a donation here:

Aprons for Gloves is a non-profit organization focused on community outreach through the sport of boxing. It offers free mentorship and training to individuals who may otherwise not have the resources to participate. Boxing teaches discipline, respect and self-control, delivering positive self-esteem and camaraderie for its practitioners.