For decades, locals have been sharing stories of ghost sightings in the neighbourhood, so in celebration of Halloween, here’s a haunting tale from the Old Spaghetti Factory. Rumour has it, the Old Spaghetti Factory has several spirits who linger in and around the historic restaurant both day and night. 


The first sighting involves a tram conductor from the “Number 53” old trolley car that patrons think of as just part of the decor. Some say the conductor died in an underground collision beneath the restaurant, while others believe his ghost appeared when the tram was installed within the restaurant. Either way, many say that Old Spaghetti Factory staffers have spotted the ghost in full uniform inside the tram after the restaurant empties out in the evening.



The second ghost is a ‘little red man’ with flaming auburn hair and a penchant for mischief. Rumour has it that he roams around the kitchen whispering to staffers and calling them out by name. Yikes!


The third ghost was spotted by a waitress, who saw a young boy running around the restaurant during her closing shift. She was so scared by the incident that she resigned on the spot. The same spirit has been also seen bending cutlery, but when staff members brought it the attention of the manager, the previously bent cutlery had mysteriously returned to normal.


The fourth ghost sighting was of a young girl sitting at the table near the front of the restaurant and holding a balloon. A friend of the general manager claimed to have engaged in a long conversation with the ghost, but when someone else approached the table, she disappeared.


So, where did all these ghosts come from and why do they call the Old Spaghetti Factory home? A visiting psychic confirmed the presence of ghosts, claiming the paranormal activity originates both from a vortex found at the back of the restaurant and lingering spirits attached to historical artifacts with the decor.

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