Q: If you have $1000 to spend in Gastown, where would you go?

A: If I had $1000 to spend in Gastown I would definitely hit up Kit and Ace for my favourite tights! Then I would head over to Honey’s and get myself some sexy and unique lingerie and finally head over to Herschel. I am sorry, I can’t just pick one, the shopping in Gastown is awesome, I have to try and control myself every time I walk from the parkade to Tantra!

Q: Can you name a “Gastown moment” (something that wouldn’t happen in any other ‘hood)?

A: One of my favourite Gastown moments was in the summer when there was a group of tourists surrounding the steam clock while a street musician was playing his guitar, all the while the most beautiful wedding couple (bride with a full princess gown) was getting their pictures taken with all of this going on in the background. It was just such a cool moment that I can’t imagine would happen in any other ‘hood.

Q: Number one date spot in Gastown?

A: As a mother of three kids, I value quiet serenity so my ideal date spot in Gastown would be Water St. Cafe. It’s ambience is warm and quiet with amazing food and great service. What can I say, they are our neighbours!

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