Tell us about what you do.

I work for a real estate investment company – Low Tide Properties. We buy and hold commercial real estate in Vancouver. We are quite small at this point, so my role changes day-to-day. I jump from leasing and asset management, to development and repositioning.

What do you love about working in Gastown?

It’s fascinating to look around and know that some of the first residents of Vancouver settled in Gastown and did business on the same streets we are standing on today.

Can you share some of your favourite Gastown spots?

There are far too many to list! It depends on which way the wind is blowing. Yesterday I got coffee at East Van Roasters, lunch at Tacofino and checked out the kicks at STRIKE MVMNT, all of which are great places.

Why do you bike to work?

I rip around the Seawall from Kits, and there is nothing better than a bike ride along the water to start off the day. I find myself less stressed and more productive because of it.


What do you love about your bike?

The better question is what don’t I love about my bike? Black Beauty is just bad enough that no one wants to steal her, and just good enough that I have high hopes for my entry in the Gastown Grand Prix this year.

What are you looking forward to seeing at the 2015 Gastown Grand Prix?

Being pulled as a wild card, and competing on Black Beauty.

What’s coming up for Low Tide Properties in 2015?

We are in the midst of repositioning some really unique buildings in Vancouver. Each one has a lot of character and it’s an exciting process to determine what we can do to revitalize and lease these spaces. There is nothing better than watching a new tenant excel and make the space their own.