Name: Nemo Thalhammer

Title: Owner 

Organization/Business: The Black Frog

Social: @blackfrogeatery


What do you do and how did you get here?

I’m originally from Austria. When I first came to Canada, I lived in Edmonton for 14 years, working as a barman in The Black Dog pub. One day, I joked about opening my own pub called The Black Frog. Well that idea didn’t remain a joke for very long. Soon after, I moved to Kelowna, and then in 2005, I arrived in Vancouver and opened up the pub in Gastown.


How did the name come about?

It was meant to be a joke and not really something serious. I thought long and hard about what to call my new pub for three solid days and could not come up with anything better. In the end, by default, I said: “Ok. The Black Frog it is then”.


If you only had 15 minutes to spend in Gastown, what would you do?

I’d go hangout at one of my favourite spots in the neighbourhood, The Greedy Pig. It’s close by and the food is great.


What do you like about Gastown?

The neighbourhood has changed quite a lot in the last 13 years but so has Vancouver. When I chose this location, people thought I was crazy. There wasn’t much down here. I have always known that in any city in the world, it’s the old part of town that’s going to survive and thrive. Look at Gastown today. It’s the best part of the city. We have it all here.


Can you recall a particularly happy moment or cool experience here in Gastown?

We’ve had a few celebrities visit us over the years. One day, William H Macy came in and spent a couple of hours at the bar. It was cool to see him and talk to him.


What’s your philosophy for a good life?

Try not to get too stressed out. Take a holiday when you can. You never know when you’ll get another chance.