Introducing a growing list of new (and revamped) businesses emerging in the neighbourhood. From speakeasy lounges to vintage shops, don’t miss a beat.

Food & Drink

Arcana Spirit Lounge

An occult speakeasy blending the mystique of the supernatural with the elegance of a 1930s French salon.

Hidden behind our ‘Pet Psychic’ facade in historic Gastown you’ll find a world of handcrafted cocktails inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck, complemented by an eclectic food menu featuring contemporary twists on classic flavors.

Location: 238 Abbott St.

Oku Izakaya

Easygoing Gastown Izakaya hub.

A Place to experience the full spectrum of Japanese delicacies from sushi to small Plates and creative dishes. At Oku Izakaya, indulge in a diverse array of Japanese flavors, ranging from sushi to small plates and innovative culinary creations.

Location: 2 Water St

Oak Berry

Oak Berry is on a journey to make açaí known and appreciated all over the globe. Their organic açaí bowls with unlimited toppings are now part of the healthy lifestyle of millions of people in many countries, becoming even more present among health-conscious individuals.

Location: 389 Water St

Shop & Style

F as in Frank

Vancouver’s newest vintage shop.

Location: 302 W. Cordova St


New location.

Neighbour was founded in 2011, carrying clothes, items and objects that they admire. They are objects, they are garments and they are books that tell stories. They are that honest neighbour that always listens, reflects and helps out when you need it. Check out their newest location.

Location: 93 W. Cordova St

Coming Soon

Petrichor Social 

Born from a dream to bring European social dining to the Canadian west coast.

An elevated casual restaurant presenting French and Mediterranean cuisine as well as craft cocktails, local wines and beers.

Location: 216 Abbott St

Opening Date: March, 2024