Black Frog
108 Cambie Street
Tel: 604-602-0527

Image courtesy of Knightbefore_99

The Black Frog is a place to get casual and comfy. The friendly pub located near the Steamclock serves 16 beers on tap including cold ones from Vancouver Island Brewery, Driftwood, Parallel 49, and Howe Sound. For a fruity option, try Howe Sound’s Four Way Fruit Ale, a mix of mango, passion fruit, raspberry and pomegranate using 100% fruit purée. See Black Frog’s full drink menu.

Guilt & Company
Basement, 1 Alexander St.
Tel: 604-288-1704


A local favourite for daily live entertainment and a feel good time, Guilt & Company serves a handful of craft choices in their beer roster from Parallel 49 and Phillips Brewing Company from Victoria, B.C. If a Kölsch style beer tickles your fancy, order the Analog 78 Kolsch by Phillips Brewery.

103 Columbia
Tel: 604-688-8694


Pizza and a long selection of draft craft beer – you can’t go wrong. All draft beer is 100% local, with 11 choices from B.C. breweries Phillips Brewing Company, Driftwood, Howe Sound, Parallel 49, R&B, and more. For a drinkable beer with hints of nut and chocolate flavor, write down the R&B Raven Cream Ale to your shortlist. Check out all of Incendio’s craft beer options in their drink menu.

Peckinpah BBQ
2 Water Street
Tel: 604-681-5411


Filled with Southern Soul (emphasis on the soul) and Carolina-style BBQ, Peckinpah BBQ offers comfort food and a solid craft beer selection to boot. Serving 8 draft beers from B.C breweries from Phillips Brewing Company to Driftwood. For a cold one to wash down their delicious pulled pork try the Peckinpil Pislner, a refreshing Canadian style pislner made with local ingredients. Check out Peckinpah’s full menu.

162 Water Street
Tel: 604-568-7022


Photo courtesy of Sean Adventures.

Pourhouse is the place to go to raise your glass in a throwback atmosphere. Along with their selection of home-style food and old-fashioned cocktails, Pourhouse carries a handful of local craft beer from Driftwood and Crannog Ales, Canada’s first certified organic farmhouse microbrewery. Try the Back Hand of God Organic Stout, a dry stout with smooth with hints of chocolate and coffee by Crannog Ales. Take a look at the rest of Pourhouse’s menu.


45 Blood Alley
Tel: 604-633-1912


Image courtesy of Sakura Photography

Known for carrying top-notch artisanal cheese, cured meats and great wine, Salt Tasting Room also offers a great selection of local craft beer staples from Vancouver Island Brewery to Lighthouse Brewing Company both from Victoria, B.C. Vancouver Island Brewery’s Beachcomber is the perfect summer ale styled after a German weissbier with subtle notes of citrus and tropical fruit. See all of Salt’s beer offerings in their drink list.

The Portside Pub
7 Alexander Street
Tel: 604-559-6333


Portside is one of the best places in town to walk in feeling welcome, comfortable and enjoy a quality pint without breaking the bank. In addition to a friendly pub atmosphere, Portside offers a substantial range of quality craft beer with 24 beers on tap including Four Winds Brewing from Delta, R&B Brewing, and Russell Brewing Company to name a few. Give your taste buds a kick and try the R&B Brewing East Side Bitter, a combination of English and local malts with a crisp finish.

And there you have it. For the full list of Gastown joints serving local craft beer, make sure you check out Part 1 if you havn’t already!