A note for the pizza lover: this is your spot.

Celebrating ‘National Pizza Day’ every day. 

Only in Gastown.


Di Beppe Caffè e Ristorante

8 W. Cordova St

day-to-night / in pala (Roman-style) / al metro (by the meter)

Hot Pie Pizza

4 Powell St

late night / take-out / thrifty

Ignite Pizzeria

508 W. Cordova St

fire-stoned / handcrafted / express

Straight Brooklyn Pizza

114 Water St

thin crust / foldable / NYC style

Brioche Urban Eatery

117 Water St

from scratch / small batch / family-style

Served with Beer and/or Wine

Al Porto Ristorante

321 Water St

traditional / chef-inspired / romantic

Gastronomy Gastown

62 E. Cordova St

contemporary twist / wood-fire / innovative

Feb. 2 -9: From 5 pm – 7 pm you can get one of our select pizzas, a Peroni or Prosecco for only $25

Six Acres of Pizza

203 Carrall St

house-made / build-your-own / pub-style

The Cambie Bar & Grill

300 Cambie St

cheesy / classic / served with good times