If you’ve stopped for a coffee in Gastown, chances are this bespectacled barista has served you. With a year and a half at Timbertrain under his belt, Josh Romijn spends most days in the neighbourhood so he was a perfect pick for this month’s takeover. 

What do you wish everyone knew about coffee? 

A while ago I heard someone say “coffee is the most affordable luxury”, and that’s one of the reasons I love it. We live in a city with so much great specialty and locally roasted coffee, so why not make your days just a little better? 
It’s been the summer of cold brew. How much time do you think you’ve spent brewing, bottling, kegging, talking about & serving it?
I’d have to say upwards of 150 hours. I’m not sure if that’s impressive or sad. 
When you’re not slinging coffee, where in Gastown do you spend time?
I’m lucky to work on such a great block of Gastown. I’m surrounded by so many great shops and restaurants that it’s almost impossible to narrow it down. 
We’re pretty sure we saw somewhere that you’re musical. Do you sing, play an instrument?
I do! Since I’m naturally pretty terrible at sports, my parents decided music was the only viable hobby for me as a kid. These days I’m playing mostly guitar and singing. 
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Mondays or Fridays?
Working in the service industry, days don’t carry the same weight, so I’ll say both. 
Who is the most interesting person you’ve met while standing behind the Timbertrain counter?
I’m tempted to name drop pretty hard here, but I’m sure anyone who spends any amount of time in Gastown knows that we have some pretty great locals. 
What does the future hold? Where would we find you in five years?
Oh man, I feel like you’re trying to send me into a spiral of regret and self doubt. But honestly I’m not too sure. Either slinging espresso at a shop of my own, or working full time in entertainment. 
Is there anything else we should know about you?
I’m fairly certain I’m the funniest person I know. 

Josh has the key’s to our Instagram feed @MyGastown this week, and it’s going to be good! You can also find / follow him on Instagram @jromijn

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