Sheila Lam (@sheilalam) is a freelance content creator who calls both Vancouver and Copenhagen, home. She will be taking over @mygastown this week.

How long have you been taking pictures?
I recently cleaned out some old boxes and found stacks of photos I’d taken throughout school, going as far back as the sixth grade.


Do you take more photos with your phone or your camera?
Definitely on my phone because of accessibility. It’s always on me. Also for how discrete it is. They say discretion is how Vivian Maier was able to capture so many incredible portraits in her street photography. I’m no Vivian Maier but it certainly is easier with a phone.


How would you describe your aesthetic and hues used in your feed?
I’d say it’s 2 parts simple, 1 part crazy. It used to be very clean. It was lot of white space, galleries, interiors—I was living in Copenhagen so it was easy and reflective of my environment. But I’ve since welcomed warmer tones and colour.


What influences your picture taking and composition?
Subconsciously, probably my favourite artists. I probably cull warmth from a lot of Georgia O’Keefe and Donald Judd. Simple lines from Agnes Martin. The odd abstract form or curve from Isamu Noguchi. It sounds pretty pretentious though, doesn’t it?


Do you have a favourite spot in Gastown?
I’ve been obsessed with Saager Dilawri’s shop, Neighbour, since they opened. I even produced a video about it.


What do you love about the neighbourhood?
Gastown is classically cinematic. The amber light from the gas lamps at night. The reflective bricked sidewalk in the rain. The treelined streets against its vaguely Neo-Romanesque architecture. It’s nice. There are also so many coffee shops to work out of, which as a freelancer, is very important.

Is there a theme to your takeover?
I’m a last minute shopper, for anything, so I’m just trying to help out others like me by creating a visual gift guide of beautiful things from some of my favorite stores in Gastown.