1. Get Physical

It’s important to take care of your body and give it something to sweat over! Yoga is a great way to get back into shape and relax your mind. Inner Space Yoga offer Pilates and yoga classes for all levels. For a unique class, check out Inner Space Yoga’s Candlelight Restorative yoga classes and don’t forget to bring friend! Visit here to check out their class schedule.

2. Learn Something New

olla-flowers-workshops-gastown olla-flowers-workshop-in-gastown

Image on the right courtesy of Alison Page

A big part of getting a fresh start is learning a new set of skills. If you’re itching to exercise your creativity, Olla Flowers is hosting a workshop on Saturday, January 18 on how to design pin-on corsages, custom wrist corsages, and boutonniere pins. Visit here for more workshop details.

Have you made career-setting goals for the New Year? Institute B is offering a series of ‘Change Maker’ workshops tailored towards entrepreneurs and anyone working in the field of business. Lookout for their upcoming ‘Goal Achieving’ workshop happening on January 30, Visit here for more details on Institute B.

Want to learn how to give a proper massage just for the fun of it? Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage offers an introductory course to Shiatsu Massage once a month, where you can learn various massage techniques such as relaxation strokes, draping and how to develop a sense of pressure. Visit here for more information.

3. Make Time to Self Reflect

float-house-gastown-floating oasis tank1

An important aspect to staying refreshed is to clear your mind on a regular basis. There’s no better meditative experience then to be a space free of sound and light. Float House offers 90-minute floating sessions, in which your entire body floats inside a light and sound-proof tank. Visit here for more information on Float House.

4. Redesign Yourself

PonySalon jds-barbershop-gastown-towel-shave

New year, new look! It’s time to embrace a new and improved you by changing up your look. Why not start with a new hairstyle? Ladies, make that cut and give your coif a new colour. If you’re looking to try a new place, check out these great salons in Gastown: Aveda Institute, Burke & Hair, Colourbox Hairdressing, La Fleur Hair Studio, Moustache & Darling, Pony Salon, Strands, Studio 38 Hair Therapy, Sugar Skull Studio, and Warboy Hair Studio.

And gentlemen, don’t neglect your mane either! Start the year off on a clean slate with fresh barber cut. Try a new style and get rid of some of your “post-holiday” facial hair with a hot towel shave at Bryan of London, Dominion Barbers, FortKnight Barbers, or JD’s Barbershop.