If you haven’t tried it yet, the cold brew at Revolver is legendary. We’re pretty sure people were watching their instagram feeds for the official announcement and now that it’s in stock, it goes fast. Made in house, the beans are ground, soaked in cold water overnight and strained the next day. The taste is bold and smooth, with chocolate, fruit and floral undertones. Drink it over ice, with milk or even a little cream.


Get a rich, creamy cold brew at Timbertrain. The single-origin beans are soaked, infused with nitrogen and chilled in a keg. Glasses are served draught style, with a bit of foam and bubbles for a shot of caffeine that’s truly unique.



Select Vancouver locations, including Water Street, were chosen to launch Starbucks cold brew before the company takes it national this summer. Using Latin American and African beans, the coffee is slow-steeped at room temperature for twenty hours to extract naturally sweet flavours and they only brew one batch at a time, so when it runs out, that’s it for the day.


At Milano, the same gold medal awarded espresso blends that customers enjoy hot are also helping them cool off. In a twist on standard iced coffee, baristas create espresso ice cubes and drop them into a glass of sweetened milk.


Down the street at Coffeebar, it’s all about the Affogato. This coffee-based beverage is reminiscent of the floats you might have indulged in as a child, but it’s made for grown ups. Starting with a shot of hot espresso, baristas take the temperature down by dropping a scoop of vanilla gelato. It’s creamy, sweet and best enjoyed in one of the sunny outdoor seats.


If you’re looking for something icy, head over to Trees Organic for an indulgent Cappuchillo. This frozen coffee frappe is made with all natural ingredients and sure to beat the heat.


Not a coffee drinker? No problem. David’s Tea has a variety of iced options to choose from. Try Elderflower Spritz (white tea), Cinnaberry (rooibos), Pom Springs (green) or tell them what you like and let them make a recommendation.