Name: Andrea Chromik

Workplace & Role: Blacktail Florist, Hostess

Boxing Moniker: Sugar Shay likes to call me the Blonde Pony, but I think the GREAT Chromik has a nice ring to it.

Favourite Gastown Eatery: The Diamond

Favourite Gastown retail: Oh lord, I never go shopping! Half of the clothes I wear are my dad’s.

Who is your favourite boxer?

Muhammed Ali. Yes, that’s cliché, but he was the first boxing icon I ever recognized and paid any attention to.

Do you have any previous boxing experience?

I participated in Aprons for Gloves last year. And, I punched a kid in the stomach once when I was eight…

What inspired you to sign up for the Restaurant Rumble?

I like good causes, number one. And I do really like to hit people. Never to hurt them intentionally (maybe sometimes), but it feels nice when you connect your glove to someone’s face.

Why do you think this event is filled with mostly Gastown restaurant workers?

We’re all a little rough around the edges?

What’s your fighting style- will you be a boxer with slick moves and good defense or a brawler power puncher with a granite chin who doesn’t mind making it ugly?

I would like to think that on the night of the fight I’ll come in slick & ugly. Best of both worlds.

What has been your favourite memory of Restaurant Rumble’s past?

Definitely throwing on a garbage bag and sweating out 5 pounds of water before weigh in. Have you ever sparred fully clothed with a garbage bag on? Maybe not my favourite moment, but it was my most memorable. 

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

A stronger hook, a greater sense of community within the city of Vancouver…and a belt.

Andrea will be stepping into the ring at the Aprons for Gloves event – July 23rd at the SFU Woodward building. Each boxer must raise $2k to compete and all money raised goes to support boxing programs for at-risk women and youth. Support Andrea with a donation here.

Aprons for Gloves is a non-profit organization focused on community outreach through the sport of boxing. It offers free mentorship and training to individuals who may otherwise not have the resources to participate. Boxing teaches discipline, respect and self-control, delivering positive self-esteem and camaraderie for its practitioners.