It’s the day after Christmas and by now you’re probably relaxing on the couch with the Yule Log flickering away on Netflix, nog in hand, surrounded by friends, family and plenty of gifts.

But wait….there’s more?!

Yes! It’s Boxing Day in Gastown! And it only comes but once a year.

This year’s day of shopping madness will be fantastic and where better, than in the most stylish neighbourhood in the city. There are over 40 stores open including many restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and bars. Shop, dine, drink and be merry!

Trust us. It’s better than the mall (and the foodcourt!).

Scroll down below for each section: including Stores open, Restaurants open, Coffee Shops open and Pubs & Bars open.


017 Shop: 302 W. Cordova St.

Aesop Vancouver: 19 Water St.

Ammolite Museum: 313 Water St.

Angel Vancouver: 2 Powell St.

Army & Navy Dept. Store: 36 W. Cordova St.

Artemisia: 452 W. Cordova St.

Cappelleria Bertacchi Italian Hat Crafter: 207 Abbott St.

C&K: 375 Water St.

Durrant Sessions: 315 W. Cordova St.

Dutil Denim: 303 W. Cordova St.

E:CLE: 486 W. Cordova St.

Frank & Oak: 316 W. Cordova St.

Haven: 52 E. Cordova St.

Honey Gifts: 350 Water St.

Jade: 375 Water St.

John Fluevog: 65 Water St.

Kit and Ace: 151 Water St.

L’Atelier Home: 452 W. Cordova St.

La Differencia: 131 Water St.

Livestock Special Engagements: 239 Abbott St.

Lululemon lab: 50 Powell St.

LYNNsteven Boutique: 225 Carrall St.

m0851: 44 Water St.

Menu Skate Shop: 114 Water St.

Motherland: 466 W. Cordova St.

Neighbour: 125 – 12 Water St.

Neighbour / Woman: 45 Powell St.

New World Design: 306 W. Cordova St.

Nicole Bridger: 14 Water St.

Niftydo: 227 Carrall St.

Nouvelle Nouvelle: 209 Abbott St.

O.K. Boot Corral: 205 Carrall St.

Oak + Fort: 355 Water St.

Old Faithful: 320 W. Cordova St.

One of a Few: 354 Water St.

Orling & Wu: 28 Water St.

Poppy & Rye: 131 Water St.

Roden Gray: 8 Water St.

Rowan Sky: 334 W. Cordova St.

Silver Gallery: 308 Water St.

Six Hundred Four: 123 Cambie St.

STR/KE MVMNT: 299 Columbia St.

Stussy: 49 Powell St. 227 Abbott St.

The Basement: 235 Cambie St.

The Block: 350 W. Cordova St.

The Good Spirit: 309 Cambie St.

The Latest Scoop: 159 Water St.



131 Water Kitchen & Bar: 131 Water St.

Al Porto: 321 Water St.

Brioche: 401 W. Cordova St.

Guu Otokomae: 375 Water St.

La Casita: 101 W. Cordova St.

MeeT in Gastown: 12 Water St.

Momo Sushi: 375 Water St.

Old Spaghetti Factory: 53 Water St.

Peckinpah: 2 Water St.

Pourhouse: 162 Water St.

Sitar: 8 Powell St.

Six Acres: 203 Carrall St.

The Black Frog: 108 Cambie St.

The Flying Pig: 102 Water St.

The Irish Heather: 210 Carrall St.

Water Street Café: 300 Water St.



Bambo: 301 W. Cordova St.

Birds and Beets: 55 Powell St

Buro Espresso Bar: 356 Water St.

Coffeebar: 10 Water St.

David’s Tea: 164 Water St.

Milano Espresso Lounge: 36 Powell St.

Nelson The Seagull: 315 Carrall St.

Starbucks: 199 Water St.

Timbertrain: 311 W. Cordova St.



The Bourbon: 50 W. Cordova St.

Lamplighter: 92 Water St.

Steamworks: 375 Water St.

The Blarney Stone: 216 Carrall St.

The Charles Bar: 136 W. Cordova St.