Giving Back & Sharing the Love

Alright, so the last couple of years have been a bit of a rollercoaster – there’s no secret there. One thing that has become more evident than ever, is the importance of community. Through thick and thin, we LOVE our community. Which is why we are shining some light on some of our members that are constantly keeping the community at the forefront of their business. We can’t really think of a better way to celebrate the month of love. From charity work, free education, group support and inclusive art – trust us, you’ll love what they’re putting out there.

Shop + Style

Empowering the Community Through Education

Intamo Pleasurables

For every sale that Intamo Pleasurables makes, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing free local inclusive sex education, facilitated by their in-house sex educator and special guests.  They have made it part of their mission to give back to the communities by making these programs more accessible. Learn more about their local and online inclusive sex education workshops, plus ask their sex educator a question HERE.

“Sex education is at the root of what we do — we continuously strive to empower all humans to own and embrace their sexuality, wherever it may be found on the rainbow.”

2Community Thrift & Vintage

Located on Carrell St, Community Thrift sells a tightly edited collection of recycled fashion at a low price point. They support at-risk people through their compassionate and supportive work training program, and all profits are donated to the PHS Community Services Society.


2 Paycheques Away

Frustrated by how poorly many people treat residents of the Downtown Eastside, Founder of 2 Paycheques Away Alysha Osborne set out to change people’s perceptions, one haircut at a time.

2 Paycheques Away offers up free haircuts to people living in the Downtown Eastside. For those who are game, before and after pictures are taken to show the public in an attempt to address the stigma surrounding the Downtown Eastside.

Learn more and donate to the cause HERE.

Victory Barbers.

“Our hands are one of the tools in which we use to achieve our goals. Our hands are also a complete giveaway. We can say whatever we like, but our hands are a visual part of our brain and what we’re really thinking. Changing the stigma of the DTES one handful of hair at a time.”

Street Thug Barbers

Frustrated by how poorly many people treat residents of the Downtown Eastside, Founder of 2 Paycheques

Food + Drink

Coffee, Chocolate & Charity

2 Paycheques Away

East Van Roasters is a social enterprise program that was founded in 2012 by PHS Community Services Society with the mission to make an impact on the local community.
The PHS has been providing services in Vancouver’s downtown east side for over 25 years, focusing on housing and harm reduction in Vancouver’s DTES. PHS operates over 20 buildings, a night shelter, doctors office, dental clinic, Insite (safe injection site), Onsite (detox), and initiated many other services and peer employment programs, including, the Window Community Art Shop and Our Community Thrift and Vintage.


No Guilt Here

2 Paycheques Away

Enjoy live music and enjoy a cocktail knowing you’re supporting artists. Guilt and Co. pays their performers with every entry fee, making sure their talents are rightly compensated.
Want to go the extra mile? Access their Vol 1 album. ​Recorded live in-venue, this is a ‘GroundUp’ community initiative supporting BC-based, non-profit, community organizations. Check it out here.


2 Paycheques Away

Back in time for Valentines day, Love Your City is here to share the love! In partnership with Vancouver’s BIAs, words of love and community have been put up in every neighbourhood. Check out the Love Tree in Maple Tree Square to see Gastowns display.
Want to get more involved? Enter to win the #loveyourcitycontest on Instagram.

Art + Culture

Take A Walk Through History With Heritage Week

2 Paycheques Away

February 21-27th marks Heritage Week in British Columbia. This year’s theme explores the many ways that heritage engagement requires creativity, as well as unique solutions and actions to encourage broad participation.
Join local historian, author and seasoned walking tour guide, John Atkin, to celebrate Heritage Week as he explores some of Vancouver’s unique heritage spots on this virtual walk! Get tickets here.

Art Everywhere

On any given day, you can stumble across buskers of any discipline in Gastown. Their art only adds to the eclectic feel of our little neighbourhood. Consider tipping the guitar plucking cowboy or sitting down for an impromptu portrait, and enjoy the moment of creativity.

2 Paycheques Away

He showed her the finished portrait, she seemed pleased at first but kept staring at it and examining the man’s face. She immediately burst into tears, then stopped and again started crying.
The artist consoled her and said “It’s a blessing in disguise to be able to see them you know.”
He continued ” your brother was a kind soul and it was tragic to have him taken away at such a young age, I hope this portrait helps you find closure”

Story and Photo from @obscura__photo on Instagram

Latincouver connecting People to Culture

2 Paycheques Away

Latincouver creates a socio-economic space to promote relationships and cultural exchange among Latin Americans and the Canadian mosaic. Their office, located on  Water Street, works vigorously to support and promote their culture and community. Check out what they do or sign up to volunteer here.


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Atira Women’s Resource Society is dedicated to supporting women and children affected by violence by offering safe and supportive housing and by delivering education and advocacy aimed at ending all forms of gendered violence.
A world free of inequalities, where everyone’s human rights are respected and where women and girls have the right to participate fully and effectively in all of the decisions that affect their lives.

2 Paycheques Away

Inform Interiors is proud to be participating in the @helpstpauls‘ fundraiser, Feast of Fortune. This event raises funds for life-saving diagnostic tools, surgical equipment, research studies, and so much more for Providence hospitals and care sites. For the silent auction, we have donated a $10,000 credit towards the purchase of a Hästens mattress.
Visit to bid. The bidding closes on Thursday, February 3 at 11:59 pm.


2 Paycheques Away

Head of the Gastown Clean Team, Ka-On-Li has been keeping the community looking good for over two years. Ka works hard in order to keep himself and the streets of Gastown clean.
Originally from Hong Kong, Ka spent his youth as a gang member with very little schooling. With help from the community, Ka has changed his life for the better. He works diligently everyday.
A fashionista, and true Gastowner, in his own right, Ka dresses to the nines to keep himself motivated.