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For the LOVE of Gastown.

Gastown is one of the most romantic neighbourhoods in the city. Call us biased, or just allow us to entertain you with some of the reasons why you should come fall in LOVE with, and in, Gastown over and over again this month. We personally never stop celebrating the love and diversity around here.

From National Pizza Day to jazz nights to love themed cocktails, anti-love parties, love trees, photo shoots with loved ones, here are all of the things going down in Gastown this February…


For the LOVE of Pizza.

A coincidence that National Pizza Day falls smack in the middle (Feb. 9) of the month of love? Na, pizza is love.

Check out what 9 hot and happening Gastown pizza joints we’re spending National Pizza Day at.

Kozak Ukraïnian Restaurant

For the LOVE of Sipping + Savouring.

A culinary dream, indeed. From take out to fine dining and everything in between, Gastown welcomes the hopeless romantics, broken-hearted, and the single-ready-to-mingle. Whether your celebrating with a loved one or blowing off some steam with your crew. This is your v-day spot.

View a full (and growing) list of Valentine’s (and anti-Valentine’s) Day happenings HERE.


For the Love of Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Fest continues with new features this month. Are you on the pursuit to finding the most epic hot chocolate in the city? Well, you’ve come to the right place as Gastown has some fierce contenders.

Check out these five participating Gastown locations from Jan. 14 – Feb. 14.

For the LOVE of Shopping.

Whether you are a hopeless romantic or just looking for an excuse to spoil yourself, Gastown’s got you. Let us take it from here and give you exactly what you need to pull off a V‑Day for the books.

View Gastown’s curated Valentine’s Day Gift Guide HERE.


For the LOVE of our City.

Love is in full bloom around here. Just ask the pink tree.

In partnership with various Vancouver’s BIAs, words of love and community have been put up in neighbourhood’s around the city. Check out the Love Tree in Maple Tree Square to see just how much love we have to give this community. Plus enter to win the grand prize (valued at $3000+) containing goodies from each area.

Follow along and enter to win the @loveyourcitycontest on Instagram.


For the LOVE of Jazz.

Gastown is home to some of the best live music venues. It is also where jazz musicians from around the country dream of performing. With over seven intimate venues (underground, above ground, or in a back alley), there is live music going down in the neighbourhood on any given night. Including Gastown’s newest jazz night at Is That French (ft. live music and features every Thursday night).

Find your live music venue for tonight.

For the LOVE of New.

There’s a new shop in town, located at 375 Water St. Find all the latest (and greatest) in style from Seoul, Korea at Li/Sa shop.

For the LOVE of LOVE.

It’s better than any cheesey rom-com. Or steamy romance novel…. It’s love right at our front steps.

Here’s just a few of our fav. shots from the @mygastown Instagram page. Tag us to share your love story.