Fall is in.

It’s no secret that fall is here. If you’re sitting in a north-facing Gastown office right now, you’re most likely looking at a newly snow-dusted mountain. If that’s not a cue to go grab a coffee from the cafe downstairs, or make happy hour plans that involve sipping on old fashions in the gastro bar around the corner, or racing to your favourite retailer to check out the newly released sweater collection on your break, than we’re not sure what is. The days may be getting shorter, which makes it that much easier to spend your days or evenings in the warmth of the indoors. Patio season may be coming to a close, but fall is definitely in around here. And it is not going to disappoint – mark our words.

Arts & Culture

As if Gastown isn’t awesome enough at Halloween with the suitably named Blood Alley, the weird and wonderful characters, and the monstrous amount of haunted old buildings, now there’s every reason to go a-haunting through the shadowed alleys of old Vancouver. Whether it is for the pups or yourself, here’s how to spend your Halloween in the spookiest neighbourhood around.

Step aside kids, the dogs are coming through. This Halloween, we’re all about the fur babies. They do a trick, we give them a treat.

Check out all of the weird and wonderful things happening around the neighbourhood this Halloween.

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