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With over 85 retail shops (from fashion and furniture, to vintage and handmade), 70 design studios (from architecture and interior designers, to multimedia and creative agencies), 50 wellness boutiques (from salons and barbershops, to tattoo and fitness studios), Gastown is a hub for independent and international retailers, fashion and beauty innovators, and designers of every discipline. Tucked between some of the best culinary fare, live music venues, and coffee collections in the city. We’re a world-renowned destination. A place where people from every walk of life meet to explore the cobblestone streets and experience a different side of Vancouver.


One of our tasks at the BIA is to find ways to showcase this diverse and stylish neighbourhood and all of its creative offerings. We invite you to dive into eight pages of Gastown goodness. Covering the fashion, design, pop culture, and craftspeople that drive this neighbourhood.

The first circulation of Gastown Magazine will feature seven local business owners including Nancy Bendtsen of Inform, First Nations carvers Christian Turo and Leonard McKay, Michelle Rizzardo of One of a Few, Karyna Schultz of Neighbour, Hayato of Kamuy Vintage, and Executive Chair and Founder of Native Shoes Scott Hawthorn. The magazine will highlight their stories, how and why they chose to open in Gastown and what’s new for the fall/winter season. The issue will also spotlight 25 seasonal items from Gastown businesses perfect for Holiday gifting.

Plus, Gastown Magazine is the home to our new business directory so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Because that something lives here. 


Starting October 17, Gastown Magazine will be available for free at businesses throughout Gastown. Visit your favourite coffee shops and/or retailers to get your hands on a copy, including:

This publication wouldn’t be possible without the businesses who offered up their spaces, objects and voices, along with the very talented, and neighbourhood locals, Claudia Schulz, Style Director, and Trevor Brady, Creative Director. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this inspiring endeavour.

This is only the beginning.