This 18-year old Gastown fixture welcomes everyone that walks in with warm hospitality and friendly Irish accents. Pull up a chair by the bar and exchange witty banter with bartenders and fellow pub goers. Tucked away in a seperate room behind the Heather, Shebeen Whisky House has an incredible selection of single malt, bourbon, rye and scotch. On occasion, the Irish Heather hosts a social dinner known as Long Table Series, which draws folks from all walks of life for a hearty three-course meal at their 40-foot communal table.


Between their ‘sour hours’ and nighttime liveliness, there’s always a lot of shakin’ going down at Revel Room. This funky joint tips its hat to the Southern restaurant scene offering tasty tapas and live music four nights week. Revel Room is styled like a casual lounge with high-top tables and mezzanine loft – a prime spot for watching the night’s entertainment. If you’re feeling extra daring, grab a seat at the bar and play a little cocktail roulette.


Clough Club offers plenty of cocktail varieties to wet your whistle. A nod to Gastown’s booze-addled lamplighter, John Clough, the cocktail cavern employs skilled tenders who can easily whip up new concoctions on the spot – which always helps if you need a little liquid courage. Its room retains a sense of intrigue, decorated with optical illusions that make for fun conversation starters. On Tuesday nights, Clough Club transforms into a classic tiki lounge offering tropical-inspired drinks and fun times.


This Italian-inspired boite offers a stylish share-plate dining experience enhanced with an intimate layout, ideal for mingling with other patrons. Notturno’s bar-side kitchen serves cicchetti plates using market-fresh products, while award-winning bartender, H, creates impeccable crafted cocktails behind the bar.


On a sunny day, Bambudda’s street-side bar patio is the place to be. Specializing in ‘Instagram-worthy’ cocktails (Powell Street Sour is a must-order), Bambudda offers creative concoctions mixed by knowledgeable bartenders, and Asian-inspired plates. Colourful décor and happy hour specials make it a fun place to wind down with friends after a hard day at work.


This is definitely a spot you want to congregate on game night. Black Frog distinguished itself as a lively watering hole serving not-so-typical pub fare and a decent selection of local beers. The pub-style eatery draws a friendly crowd of local regulars, and is a great option for those who feel more comfortable chatting up strangers in an easy-going environment.


Come as you are and enjoy some grub. Steamworks has a well-rounded food and drink menu that offers something for anyone. Whether its after-work drinks or catching up with old friends, the brewpub restaurant has plenty of seating options at their outdoor patio and lower level lounge. Designed as a boutique event facility, Steamworks can also accommodate large parties for private bookings.

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