Autumn is here!

The leaves are changing and there’s that warm fresh crisp feeling in the air. Finally, we can wear some nice woolen knit clothing and enjoy the change that comes with a new season. Comfort is key at this time of year so what not indulge a bit in some of the wonderful candied creations that can be found in Gastown?

Simply put; go ahead and have dessert. We have restaurants here that will make your sweetest dreams become reality.

Here are 11 fantastic places in Gastown that will make your tooth tingle with joy.



Once bitten by this Mosquito, you’ll be spellbound by the absolute creativity and deliciousness that goes into their plated works of art. A masterpiece in rouge, the Éclair à la Fraise made of strawberry balsamic crémeux, mascarpone rose crème légère, strawberry jam, basil seeds, micro Thai basil. Or perhaps take a candies stroll through The Garden – raspberry panna cotta, blueberry tapioca sauce, white peach gel, raspberry foam, fresh blueberries, micro basil. Perhaps it is sugar within levels that you crave. Delight in their Afternoon Tea – served only on Sundays, 1pm to 4pm. For reservations: email [email protected]



Certainly, one of Gastown’s finest restaurants, the experience of dining at L’abattoir is both exceptional and memorable. The kitchen is forever experimenting, creating dishes that consistently push the boundaries of the plated norm. Suggestions include: Lavender panna cotta – Pear, honey, elderflower Chestnut mousse – Dark chocolate, malt, coffee or an Iced tea float -Vanilla, nectarine, lemon, earl grey tea.



Bauhaus has now established itself as one of the city’s most innovative restaurants, taking often monotone classic German cuisine and plating it in absolute Technicolor. Rotating tasting menus abound where hues, flavours, nuances and presentation are deeply inspired by the changes in season. After dinner offerings are on par with all other courser, never failing to delight. 


Italian owned Brioche are maestros at home baked sweets. A dessert destination for many, their Crème Brulee is very good, as is their Tiramisu. It’s a wonderful little place for two, to get a treat and sit out on Cordova with an espresso or glass of wine.

Water Street Café

Perhaps one of the most known and well-loved places to dine in the neighbourhood, Water Street Café has been open for over 28 years and still packs a full house. Their dessert menu consists of 8 scrumptious selections; including a Baked Apple and Rhubarb in Filo Pastry served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, a Raspberry and Lavender Crème Brulee – fresh berries and lemon curd and a Flourless Double Chocolate Espresso Cake served with a black cherry compote.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

Dessert is often something you don’t want to share but with a good fondue then it’s all hands on deck with a Chilled Chocolate Fondue – Fernet infused chocolate anglaise, marshmallows, honeycomb toffee or indulge in Tuc’s Panna Cotta with Seasonal Fruit – fresh apricot, vanilla custard.

The Sardine Can

For Spanish après diner treats, The Sardine Can has some very interesting offerings particularly their Terrina de Chocolate – chocolate terrine with chilli, olive oil, sea salt, toast and the Dulce de leche   – Dulce de leche pudding.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria.

There are a few classic Italian desserts served at Nicli Antica Pizzeria. May we suggest t: AFFOGATO – double shot of espresso over a scoop of house-made vanilla gelato or a Flourless Chocolate Olive Oil Torta – Ganache, Sicilian olive oil, sea salt with vanilla bean gelato, Classic Tiramisu.

Jules Bistro

A quaint hideaway on Abbott street serving classic French comfort food. Their desert list is enough to make one come just for the sweets. All of these look delicious: Oranges with orange blossom sorbet and mint caramel, Melting chocolate cake with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, Creme Caramel, Roasted pineapple with gingerbread ice cream and star anise syrup, Sour cherry clafoutis with buttermilk-lemon sorbet. Oh lá lá!


This is a vegetarian hotspot loaded with satisfying comfort food. The menu has a lot of nice variety to it and the desserts are sublime. Check these out: CHOCOLATE COCONUT GANACHE TART – rich chocolatey goodness with a coconut crust and vanilla creme drizzle, LEMON TART – coconut crust and a light lemon filling, COOKIES & CREAM – chocolate mousse with coco whip and chocolate crème cookie crumbles, CRONUT – filled with coconut Bavarian creme or the feature filling of the week.


Looking for a little sweet cinnamon sugar deep fried action? Get some tasty CHURROS at Tacofino along with MINI DIABLO COOKIES and LIME-CURD VASO – graham crumble, whip cream.