Certified B-Corp Status

In Gastown, we love the planet we occupy. And if we had the option to live on this Earth forever, this is the place that we would like to be. From organic, fair trade food and beverages, to consigned, vintage, small batch, and slow fashion, plant shops, hyper-local shops, and b-corp businesses, here is how you can join us in making planet Earth number one this Earth Day (and every day). Besides, this planet is pretty damn fantastic. B Corporation is a third-party certification of a company’s commitment to social change, earned by businesses that are focused on the big picture, factoring people and the planet into their business decisions, alongside profit. Gastown has several businesses that have earned this status, which is something to be extremely proud of.

Yulu PR

An award-winning social and environmental impact communications firm. They were also Canada’s first communications agency to become B Corp certified, and recognized by B Lab with the honorary agency title of “BEST FOR THE WORLD: CHANGEMAKER.” 

Address: #212 – 55 Water St


Junxion Strategy

Junxion advises on strategy, sustainability, and social impact for some of the world’s most courageous and generative brands.

President and CEO, Mike Rowlands discusses the importance of having social purpose when it comes to business and the road to recovery. Learn more HERE.


New Market Funds

“We’re taking a different approach to investing. We start with understanding community need and work from there to create new market-based solutions.” – New Market Funds.

Address: 90 Carrall St


Frank & Oak

Committed to selecting better materials, better factories and better shipping methods to maximize the reduction of their carbon emissions. Learn more about what Frank and Oak is doing HERE.

Address: 316 W Cordova St


MODUS Planning, Design & Engagement Inc

A consulting firm specializing in Urban Planning, Design & Engagement with a vision to co-create deep-green, just, healthy communities,

Address: #207 – 55 E Cordova Street



A digital solution to help organizations reduce unnecessary food waste and feed more.

Address: 171 Water St


SES Engineering

An Energy Efficiency Engineering firm and a social enterprise. Their mission is to fight global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We work with our clients to bring a mix of vision and practicality that helps them save energy and improve comfort.

Address: #410 – 55 Water St

Play Your Part

We can all play our part when it comes to living more sustainably. We are always eager to hear suggestions from our community on how we can make Gastown more green. Have a suggestion? Check out our Urban Design Study: Gastown Tomorrow, and have your voices heard. Besides, the Gastown of tomorrow matters.

Want to learn more? We recommend exploring the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations (UN SDGs).

Happy Earth Day. Every day.