It’s that scrumptious time of the year! Yes, it’s pie season and turkey trots and halloween candy galore but also time for the delicious results of The Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards.

The foodies have spoken and declared the winners. Once again, Gastown has placed within most relevant categories, taking home 8 first places , 11 second places, and 8 third places. How did we get so lucky?

With an empty belly and a parched throat, Gastown is a wondrous place to explore. The neighbourhood thrives on diversity with a kaleidoscope of kitchens conjuring cuisine inspired from regions throughout the world. Anyone with any type of diet can find a place to dine in Gastown. One could even come here exclusively to sip on proper cocktails crafted by masters of the art of the shaker. There is always a chance to discover some new joint with a novel idea, cradled between restaurants that have stood firm on the cobblestone for decades. We are proud of our restaurants, pubs, bars, coffee shops, retail stores, boutiques, and everything in between.

So we say hurrah then and well done to you all!

Best Gastown Restaurant

  1. MeeT Restaurants
  2. The Flying Pig
  3. L’Abattoir

Best Independent Coffee Shop

  1. JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
  2. Revolver Coffee
  3. Matchstick Coffee Roasters

Best Vegan-Friendly

  1. MeeT Restaurants
  2. The Naam Restaurant
  3. The Acorn

Best New Restaurant

  1. The Victor
  2. Di Beppe Ristorante
  3. Pepino’s Spaghetti House

Best Continental

  1. Chambar Restaurant
  2. Tableau Bar Bistro
  3. Bauhaus Restaurant

Best Wine Bar

  1. UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar
  2. Salt Tasting Room
  3. Mott 32

Best French

  1. St. Lawrence
  2. Les Faux Bourgeois
  3. L’Abattoir

Best Greek

  1. Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna
  2. The Greek by Anatoli
  3. Apollonia Greek Restaurant

Best Mexican

  1. Tacofino
  2. La Taqueria
  3. Las Margaritas Restaurante y Cantina

Best Spanish

  1. Bodega on Main
  2. España
  3. The Sardine Can

Best Tacos

  1. La Taqueria
  2. Tacofino
  3. Sal y Limón

Best Eatery With Live Entertainment

  1. Blue Martini
  2. Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar
  3. Guilt & Company

Best Barbecue

  1. Dixie’s BBQ
  2. Memphis Blues BBQ
  3. Peckinpah

Best Burger

  1. Romer’s Burger Bar
  2. MeeT Restaurants
  3. Vera’s Burger Shack

Best Cocktails

  1. Mott 32
  2. The Diamond
  3. JUKE Fried Chicken

Best Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurant

  1. MeeT Restaurants
  2. JUKE Fried Chicken
  3. The Gluten Free Epicurean
  4. Virtuous Pie

Best Independent Bar Lounge

  1. The Keefer Bar
  2. The Narrow Lounge
  3. Pourhouse
  4. The Diamond

Best Pizzeria

  1. Via Tevere
  2. Nicli Antica Pizzeria
  3. Pizzeria Farina

Best Pub Food

  1. Dubh Linn Gate
  2. Irish Heather & Shebeen
  3. Dublin Calling Party Pub & Kitchen

Best Restaurant For A Stiff Drink

  1. Pourhouse
  2. Shebeen Whisk(e)y House
  3. Shameful Tiki Room

Best Vegetarian

  1. MeeT Restaurants
  2. The Naam Restaurant
  3. The Acorn

Best Veggie Burger

  1. MeeT Restaurants
  2. Vera’s Burger Shack
  3. White Spot

Best Country Night

  1. The Yale Saloon
  2. The Roxy Cabaret
  3. The Bourbon

Best Games Bar

  1. Storm Crow Tavern
  2. Colony Bar
  3. Back and Forth

Best Jazz/Blues Venue

  1. Blue Martini
  2. Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar
  3. Guilt & Company

Best Live Music Venue (Small Club)

  1. Biltmore Cabaret
  2. Fox Cabaret
  3. Guilt & Company

Best Pick-up Bar

  1. The Roxy Cabaret
  2. Numbers Cabaret
  3. The Cambie Pub

Best Brew Pub

  2. Big Rock Vancouver
  3. Steamworks Brewing Co.

Best Cocktail Bar

  1. Pourhouse
  2. The Keefer Bar
  3. Shameful Tiki Room

Most Romantic Restaurant

  1. Bauhaus Restaurant
  2. Hawksworth Restaurant
  3. Gotham Steakhouse & Bar

Best Restaurant Group

  1. Cactus Club
  2. Kitchen Table Restaurants
  3. Glowbal Restaurant Group

Best Tattoo Studio

  1. Adrenaline Professional Body Piercing & Tattoos
  2. Gastown Tattoo Parlour
  3. Liquid Amber Tattoo

Best Visual Effects/Animation School

  1. Vancouver Film School
  2. Emily Carr University of Art + Design
  3. Capilano University

Best Eyewear Store (HAT TRICK!)

  1. Bruce Eyewear
  2. Durant Sessions
  3. Ollie Quinn

Best Fetishwear Store

  1. Deadly Couture
  2. Honey Gifts
  3. JQ Clothing Ltd.


Best Local Place to Buy Jeans

  1. Dutil Denim
  2. Aritzia
  3. Mavi Jeans

Best Local Shoe Store

  1. John Fluevog Shoes
  2. gravitypope
  3. The Right Shoe

Best Local Women’s Clothing Store

  1. Aritzia
  2. The Latest Scoop
  3. 8th & Main

Best Sex-Toy Store

  1. Womyns’ Ware
  2. Honey Gifts
  3. Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium

Best Specialty Furniture Store

  1. Montauk Sofa Vancouver
  2. By Design Modern Danish Furniture
  3. Möbler Modern Furniture

Best Barbershop

  1. Barber & Co
  2. Man Cave Barber Shop
  3. Robson Barbers

Best Hair Studio

  1. Suki’s
  2. Artel Salon
  3. Brush Salon